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  • 04/12/2018
    There are no translations available.Use of modern construction technologies and materials has been discussed with representatives of Henkel Bautechnik Ukraine in USIF’s Head Office

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  • 03/12/2018
    There are no translations available.Використання сучасних будівельних технологій та матеріалів обговорювалось у Центральному офісі УФСІ з представниками компанії «Хенкель Баутехнік (Україна)»

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  • There are no translations available.Запрошення до участі у тендері договір підряду на виконання будівельних робіт № CP-W-1400240-KFW

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  • There are no translations available.Повідомлення про присудження договору № CР-W-1300328-KFW

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On-going projects

Promotion of Social Infrastructure Development Project

The grant of the German government (via KfW Development Bank)

Budget of the Project: 8.395 ml. Euros (including EUR 7.0 mln. as a granted fund).

Implementation period: 2013 – 2016.

Area of implementation:

Lviv Oblast: Kamianka-Bug, Radekhiv, Bug and Turkiv Rajons;

Vinnytsia Oblast: Koziatyn, Yampil and Pischanka Rajons;

Kirovograd Oblast: Kompaniivka, Ustynivka, Bobrynets Rajons.

It is expected that the Project will be implemented in the context of about 72 microprojects, at least a third of which must have a clearly defined energy-efficient component for restoring buildings, use of alternative energy sources and implementation of energy saving measures in infrastructure systems.

The Project objectives are as follows: 1) sustainable use of social and economic infrastructure, which has been upgraded and improved in the context of this Project by the population of the program area, and 2) strengthening of the local community and increase in public participation for decision-making.