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  • 22/11/2017
    There are no translations available. У дитсадку №602 буде на 3 групи більше

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  • 17/11/2017
    There are no translations available. «Гідна праця» стартувала на Запоріжчині

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  • There are no translations available.Конкурс на заміщення вакантних посад директорів регіональних представництв

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  • There are no translations available.Договори підряду, які укладені у жовтні 2017 року

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Scope of activity

USIF invests funds of international donors in social sphere in the following fields:

  • promoting reform of social services (drafting legal documents and methodical documents aimed for regulating activities in the field of social services for vulnerable people);
  • formation of innovative models of social services for vulnerable groups (disabled persons, orphans, homeless, elderly, victims of violence, etc.);
  • repair of the social and communal infrastructure in rural areas (kindergartens, schools, health posts, clubs, water supply, roads);
  • capacity building of local communities in solving local problems, increasing their participation in decision making.

USIF pays special attention to modern technologies of energy efficiency when implements its projects at community level.

USIF projects were financed by the World Bank, UK Government (DFID), Government of Sweden (SIDA), Government of Japan (JSDF), Government of Germany (KfW), Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.